Undergrad Projects

Mini Programmable Gate Array - "SuperSlicer"

This project involved using VHDL and the Magic layout generator to create a small programmable gate array using the bit-slice design methodology. The devices uses a series of lookup tables to accurately represent any logical operation.

The blueCard Project

This was my Senior Design project at the University of Cincinnati. It was a collaboration between myself, Sean Setter, Mike Melchers, Eric Bair, and Premal Doshi. The purpose of the project was to create a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled credit card that would allow transactions to be performed wirelessly.

8-bit Microprocessor

The goal of this project was to create an 8-bit microprocessor from scratch using VHDL. This included not only designing all of the hardware, but also the instruction set given a set of requirements. The microprocessor needed to be implemented both on a behavioral level, an entirely software representation, and at the structural level. The structural level required a full hardware implementation down to the gate/flip-flop level.

Balloon Hunter

Balloon Hunter was a project completed for the Silicon Programming course at the University of Cincinnati. The project was completed in a group consisting of Bin Qi, Justin Ogilby, and myself. The goal was to create a simple video game using an Altera Cyclone class FPGA in the Quartus II development environment.

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