Undergrad Courses

Senior Year 2004/2005

VLSI Test and Validation

VLSI System Design

VLSI Design Automation

Physical VLSI Design

Computer Engineering - Senior Design

Linear Algebra I

Linear Algebra II

Wireless and Mobile Networking

Automata and Formal Languages

Junior Year 2003/2004

Computer Systems Modeling

Electronics Lab

Software Engineering

Software Engineering Lab

Technical Writing

Network Systems Programming

Microsystem Design and Interfacing

Pre-Junior Year 2002/2003

Probability and Statistics I

Probability and Statistics II

Discrete Math

Signals and Systems I

Signals and Systems II

Measurements Lab

Electronics I

Electronics II

Computer Organization

Sophomore Year 2000/2001

Calculus IV

Calculus Lab III

General Physics III

General Physics Lab III

Data Structures

Network Analysis I

Network Analysis II

Differential Equations

Digital Systems Design

Digital Systems Design Lab

Intro to Algorithms

Freshman Year 2000/2001

Calculus I

Calculus II

Calculus III

Calculus Lab I

Calculus Lab II

Chemistry I

Chemistry II

English Composistion 101

English Composistion 102

Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering

General Physics I

General Physics II

General Physics Lab I

General Physics Lab II

Computer Science II

Co-op for Engineers

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